Kláštorný pivovar

In November 2015 the prior of the Merciful Brothers consecrated a brewing room and all spaces of the original monastic cellar under famous Bratislava Flagship Restaurant for a brewery.

Monastic Beer

Under the watchful eye of the brew masters we brewed our first Monastic beer 11°. We brew our beer from first-class ingredients without any additives or mixtures whatsoever; that is, we always work from freshly ground malt, filtered water, quality harvested hops and fresh brewer’s yeast.

Kláštorný ležiak

Beer fermentation at monastic cellar

The monastery beer is a beer of the pilsner type. The first fermentation runs as in olden times – in open vats for several days – and then the beers lies in stock tanks for 22 days. Thusarises an honest and tasty unpasteurized living beer with a notable bready aroma and delightful bitterness beneficial for our organism.

Our brewers

Production takes place under the watchful eye of the longest serving brew master in Czech Republic, a brewer emeritus with an honorary place in the Czech brewing hall of fame, old brew master of famous Restaurant u Fleku in Prague – brew master Ivan Chramosil – and his young colleague, Roman Kozák, a well-known brewer in Slovakia.

Roman Kozák